A September Morning | New York Family Photographer

Early Sunday, around 10am, sunny and warm for a late September morning. I had just finished drinking my coffee when I asked the girls if they wanted to go out. We didn’t do much. The girls picked wildflowers (more like weeds) and ran in circles while I clicked away with my camera and smiled every time they found a flower. Nothing extraordinary or different from other random days; in fact, I had completely forgotten about that morning had it not been for the photographs. I was browsing my catalogue for the past few weeks and realized I had neglected some. All of a sudden the memories rushed back to me: their smiles, Lucía doing her silly dance, us running back indoors away from the mosquitos I thought had left along with summer. I know the girls won’t remember ordinary moments like those but I’m glad I can capture some of them; and even though I’m not in the actual images, they’ll know I was there all along… as I always will be.