Annual Easter Photo | NY Bayside Queens Child Photographer

Last year I played around with a few Easter props and photographed my girls at home, barefoot, in spring dresses. It was my first time using a backdrop; my kid's photos were mostly unposed and in their natural surrounding. I get why I'm attracted to lifestyle photography; posing, styling and props don't come natural to me, or at least I don't feel as comfortable with it and doubt myself during the whole process. I love decorating and party planning but when it comes to people, the introvert in me prefers to stand by and observe. I'm rambling. Anyway, I decided to try again this year and had no choice but to go with a background and props because it is still too cold for outdoor photos. I mean, it snowed the day before. Ugh. But the girls enjoyed the props and we had a good time setting up together. I'm thinking of making this, our barefoot Easter photos, an annual tradition. And here they are, our 2nd Annual Barefoot Easter Photos: