R-N Family Maternity Session | Queens, NY Family Photographer

It was such a pleasure to do this session for a dear friend and her family. I've known her since our pre-teen years and it's always fun and interesting to see how people evolve and grow to have families of their own. You realize after a while that they haven't changed much over the years, that just like you, they've experienced life and learned from it, shifting their priorities and perspectives along the way.  We no longer see each other much but, through our children we get a glimpse and reminder of who were, how we smiled and looked at life back then. My friend's daughter reminded me much of her in our school years and so did her son who, though quiet for much of the session, resembled the maturity and warmth of his mom. I can't wait to see the new addition to this happy and loving family, who will bring even more joy to their lives. My best wishes to them all.