Apple Picking... 6 months later | New York Family Photographer

Yes, you read that right, 6 months later is when I'm posting pictures taken last June when we went apple picking on a rainy Saturday. That's how behind I am on editing and archiving my photographs, specifically those of my own kids and life. One of my goals this year is to edit more frequently in order to post regularly and have my files organized and current. 

Anyway, I just found these images last night while organizing my hard drive. It was a wonderful surprise to find them now because I remember uploading them back then and I not being crazy about them, in fact they seemed pretty ordinary and it's most likely the reason I did not rush to edit and thus forgot about them. As I reviewed them yesterday, I loved every single one; they're not perfect and the plastic rain covers purchased at the farm are not exactly beautiful but they add to the story and take me back to our soaked shoes, squishy sound they made as we walked, feeling the water within our toes; the muddy and slippery grass, the cold weather for which we were not prepared. And the strawberries... probably the sweetest I've tasted in my life. Looking back, it was a wonderful day and totally worth ruining my sneakers in the pouring rain.  Thank you Luna for the adventure.